Hilariously Terrible Tattoos Shared On This Online Group


They say you’re gonna regret it, you’ll get bored with it, it will look bad when you age, and so and so on… It may be true in some cases, but not regarding tattoos listed on r/ShittyTattoos subreddit. They are all wonderful masterpieces… Not really. This subreddit gathers photos of terrible tattoo choices to mock idiots who got them. Scroll down to see the best of the worst ones!

Terrible tattoos are hilarious to look at.

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Fake Tongue To Lick Your Cat: Yes, It’s a Real Product


Here’s a strong contester for the 2023 “Totally Useless & Embarrassing Product Of The Year” award: fake tongue to lick your cat. This is how you use it: you hold in your mouth and use it by fake licking your cat with each stroke of fake tongue sticking out of your mouth. Not only does this definitely not work at all in regards to actually washing your cat (not just pissing him off), but also just makes you look like a complete idiot while using it, so it’s 100% a lose-lose situation.

Fake tongue for licking your cat.

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