Dave Has Really Gone Too Far This Time


I know you think you’re being funny, but honestly Dave, it’s just hurtful.


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  1. First I thought: “Marjorie Taylor Greene?” But, no. It’s just a dog, not a nazi horse.

  2. I’m reporting this to the ADL for antisemitism!

  3. Anti Defecation League?

  4. This site is such crap . I know it’s a fake site used as a message board for nefarious characters but come on. Step it up a bit.

  5. Let’s talk about the new Freedom of Information releases from Phizer. The ones that show how Governments, Intelligence Agencies, Corporations and the media all teamed up to push the deadly vaccine that doesn’t do anything while at the same time suppressing the true side effects of the vaccines. Especially in male children? The single worst attack on free speech in history. Also the largest Pyop in history.

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