It’s Only Fair, Isn’t It?


Do you have senior citizen discounts? Nope, you've had twice as long to get the money.


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  1. Boomers got all benefits and left us nothing. Except to more generations, the Millennials an GenZ that demands even more benefits and don’t want to leave us anything.
    That’s why I decided to destroy the planet. So your children will live in hell.

    • Yep, Boomers left you nothing. Personal computers, smartphones, a publicly accessible Internet, useful safety systems on cars, effective control or cures of AIDs, made many many types of cancer survivable, got recognition that gender/race discrimination is bad (and largely got it outlawed), an end to the War in Vietnam, general agreement that the US needed to stop trying to run South America as if it were the south 40 of a cheap farm, etc. Yeah, we did nothing. So throw away your computer, your phone, your Internet connection, buy an exploding 1971 Pinto with Firestone 500 tires, and die of treatable disease.

  2. Tough break, little fella.

  3. I laugh because deadbeats like you who always have excuses for being losers are already living in hell! If you want to see why, look in a mirror.

    • Is that what you tell people run over by a car?

    • Compare apples to apples you moron.
      GD you’re one dumb SOB.

    • Apples and apples. What else would you compare if not object of the same kind? Let me guess, you don’t know what the idiom even means. Sad.

  4. Giving senior a discount increases the vendors business. This also creates loyalty!
    Most younger people do not know what loyalty involves.

  5. Not all seniors are financially well off. Take me for example, if it wasn’t for senior
    discounts at restaurant’s, I would be forced to cook my own steaks, lobster, and
    side dishes at much higher prices.
    Also the savings allow me a vacation or two each year to the sunny south.
    I worked very hard for the money I have. Ripping off other seniors is not always
    an easy task.

    • Why are you still alive? Please go into the light.

    • I’d always pick a senior over a self-entitled pronouns-in-bio zoomer any time

    • Who’s more entitled than seniors? Get your sh*t together! Are you drunk?

    • Pronouns-in-bio zoomers are the most entitled

    • Boomers – ” We want freedom! Say no to big government! ”

      Zoomers – act free.

      Boomers – “NOT LIKE THAT!”

      Living in a free country means that you’ll have to tolerate lots of people who are free to disagree with you. Boomers can’t seem to handle that, so they want big government to outlaw kids from learning about history ( racism ) in school and are trying to make it illegal for teachers to call kids by the names they want. I preferred boomers when they were into small government and freedom. Anytime ya’ll want to switch back is fine by me.

    • You don’t even need small government. Just vote normal people instead of freaks, get a mindset of community, society and solidarity and finance the country by taxes. Forget private companies running the infrastructure. That’s a neoliberal scam. They just want your money, neglect the infrastructure and go bancrupt so the state has to repair everything. Look at the UK.
      Then a government will work efficiently. Even if it’s big.

  6. Wonder if Trump demands his seniors discount while out dining?

  7. Fake culture wars between generations, genders, ethnicities, citizens. It’s called divide and conquer, and Murdoch’s media empire has played you like one-eyed piccolos.

    • Turns out that outrage sells.

      “Top ten ways that cancel culture is DESTROYING our country! Number seven will shock you! ”

      There’s about a billion American’s now, and we’re free to do and say all kinds of things. Every day some of them will do something you don’t like and the internet and “news” sources will tell you all about it. No need to pay attention. United we stand, divided we’ll fall.

    • Don’t mistake cancel culture with culture. America has a lot to learn about free speech and the responsibility that comes with it.

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